Calling all Volunteers

Help Needed

Every charity needs lots of cash
That's why we hold our annual bash
And invite all the world to come
And make some money and have some fun
Well, once more it is that time of year
When we call on you to volunteer
And we think that you'd be really great
As a helper you are worth gold in weight
So if you can help us out, please let us know
With you on board its "All systems go!"
So come and join "The chosen few"
These things can't happen without you!
So, if you can spare us the time
Sign up, quick, quick, on the dotted line
Fill in your details on the form below
Then send it back to let us know


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Thank you in advance for your time and support, we appreciate it very much. We can only make a difference if we have the support from caring people like yourself. Welcome aboard...!!!