PROJECT 1 - Educational and Technology Project, working with schools from the UK and rural aeas of Kenya in partnership with Africomm TV. Read More


PROJECT 2 - i-LEARN with Funkie Munkie Educational Programmes Based in Guyana in partnership with HGPTV (Guyana) and Your Broadcast.Read More


PROJECT 3 - Funkie Munkie's Healthy H'Arts Club Promoting healthy heart educational programmes for children and adults, nationally..Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission is To Help Others Progress (T-HOP): through global community development programmes, education, training and learning. Promoting health and wellness, to preserve culture and heritage, enhance community cohesion, offer capacity building opportunities, promote sustainability, and strengthen communities, globally, promoting the common good.

In support of our mission, we have delivered many projects that have benefitted young lives and their communities. Please see below what people had to say: