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“It is health that is real wealth, not Silver or Gold” - Mahatma Gandhi

Funkie Munkie's Healthy H'Arts Club - Heart disease is on the up in the UK and all over the world, causing growing heart problems that are affecting all age groups.

Project details:

Who: T-HOP and Funkie Munkie Ltd are working together to bring health education using edutainment programmes designed around heart health.

What: Government statistics show a huge rise in heart disease starting from a young age, which impacts on the NHS. We are working towards the provision of Edutainment Programme delivery promoting heart health, to children and the wider community using arts as a medium. These programmes have been designed with fun workshops, teaching children and parents how to be healthy. In addition, the programmes lend themselves to proide training and development for parents, promoting capacity building and sustainabilityor economic growth and health. We intend to introduce a roll out of healthy diets and exercise to the wider community, promoting and cementing healthy living as a way of life.

When: We aim to commence delivery of this project from the start of the new term in schools, and due to the severity of the problem caused by lack of heart health, envisage this as an on-going project.

Why: We with your support and kindness, together can empower young children and adults in making life changes to promote and realise heart health.

Where: We are raising funds to help reduce heart disease in young people and adults, nationally, with the intention of international working through schools and communities.

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“Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in”

Project Details

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