Project 2

“Education Is our right. For in it our future is bright.”

i-LEARN with Funkie Munkie - EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Educational Technology Programmes Based in Guyana in partnership with HGPTV (Guyana) and Your Broadcast.

Project details:

Who: T-HOP and HGPTV and Your-Broadcast are working together to bring education with technology to Guyana.

What: We are working towards the provision of Edutainment Programmes delivery and education for the wider community through training and development programmes, promoting capacity building and sustainability, delivered through the HGPTV platform.

When: We aim to commence delivery of this project as soon as possible, and this will be an on-going project due to its organic nature.

Why: We with your support and kindness, can empower young people and the multi-cultural communities in Guyana using the proven edutainment programmes, advice and training, promoting sustainability. We will bring the global dimension into the UK, by introducing partnership programmes to schools and Guyanese communities.

Where: We are raising funds to support the current HGPTV geographical area of Guyana.

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“Education, education; Provides a firm and strong foundation”

Project Details

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